Welcome back friends to another week of shopping at Walgreen’s. If you haven’t picked up your Sunday Paper then head out and pick up at least 2 papers today. If you are reading this and it is no longer Sunday the head on over to Wal-Mart they carry the Sunday paper until Saturday.

The inserts in my region where horrible so I will be ordering the coupons I need. This will be another $10 Walgreen’s Challenge. I this is your first time visiting my page each week. I provide deals at Walgreen”s for $10.00 to help build your family a stockpile and save money. The goal is to get the most out of your $10.00 and earn points for future deals.

If you do not have a Walgreen’s balance reward card then sign up now. Also download the Walgreen’s app. So lets hop into these deals.

Walgreen’s Deals  


(1) Viva paper towel $4.99

(1) Cottonelle Toilet paper $4.99

(1) Arm and Hammer liquid $1.99

(1) Arm and Hammer power packs $1.99

(1) Troli Candy $1.50- get back $1.50 register reward

(1) Mentos Now $1.99- get back $1.99 register reward

Total $17.94

All coupons used into today’s deals will be digital coupons so please add to your card before going to the store.


(1) digital $1.00 Cottonelle

(1) digital $2.00 Viva

(1) digital $1.00 Arm & Hammer liquid

(1) digital $1.00 Arm & Hammer power pack

Total $5.00

So let’s take out total $17.94 -$5.00= $12.94. So your total out of pocket will be $12.94. Yest it is a little over the $10.00 but for $12.94 you got (2) paper products (2) Laundry detergent (2) candy’s. You also received $3.49 in register reward to be used on your next trip. So technically your out of pocket comes to $9.45

I hope this helps. Go out there and kill this deal.

Happy Couponing


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