If you are new to couponing. You should know that no all stores have the greatest deals. You may get discouraged if couponing at your local grocery store doesn’t give you some HUGE savings. You might be thinking where do people coupon at. One thing to keep in mind is that most couponers coupon for non food items (razors, diapers, personal items etc) and then buy fresh food on sale. For me I purchase my groceries/fresh food when they are on sale or I use digital coupons from the grocery store app. When I find a good price on an item I stock up  but we will discuss stocking up in another post.


Where do I shop


I coupon mostly t CVS, Kroger’s, and Walgreen’s I wish I had a Publix where I live because I would love to be ale to get some of those good deals I see on social media. depending on where you live the stores in your area might be different. The stores I will be listing are stores I personally shop at and recommend. you don’t necessarily have to shop at the


  1. CVS- Make sure to sign up for your Extra Care Card and Beauty Club
  2.  Walgreen- Sign up for Reward Card and Beauty Enthusiast
  3. Target- Download Target Cartwheel
  4. Albertson
  5. Kroger’s Sign up for Kroger’s Card and Download app
  6. Publix
  7. Rite Aid
  8. Wal-Mart- Download Savings Catcher app

Choose one store to start

If you are new to couponing. I highly recommend you

start couponing at one store finish then gradually add more stores. The reason why I recommend one store first is because each store has different policies and you want to learn each store policy one at  time. It can be confusing or overwhelming at times. Do a shopping trip at that store. Get use to couponing their then slowly add more stores to your weekly shopping trip

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