Hi, friends so in my August goals post, I stated that I would share a little bit of whats going on with me. Before I post mt budget. I wanted to share a little insight into my world. So lets back track a few months. Back in April my house flooded, which I did share with you guys. Let me just say that was a scary moment. I could’t believe that it was happening. My house was flooding and there was nothing I could do about it.

At the time all I could think about was I was going to lose everything and that I was going to be trap,but with prayer and my faith in God he made sure me and my family was taken to safety. We lost a lot but it could all be replaced.

So in the mist of dealing with all of this chaos my world completely stopped. About two weeks after the flood my mom went to the hospital to get her breast looked at because it had swollen. What we thought was an abbesses/infection and could quickly be fixed with a surgery turned into the worst day ever. I never thought I would hear the words CANCER. My world stop I started hyperventilating and just couldn’t get a grasp of what was happening. How could this e? How could my mom have cancer?

After I was finally able to calm down and come back to reality. I knew I had to be strong for my mom and make sure she got the best care and options possible. I went into super woman mode. My mom has what is called inflammatory cancer, its more common in African American woman. It starts off as a bump/infection but what lies beneath is cancer cells. My mom had a genetics test done and found that she does not carry the cancer gene. Her doctor is unsure of how she got cancer. Even though they do not have many answers they are doing everything possible to give her the best treatment possible.

So since May mom has had 9 Chemo treatments with 7 more to go. After Chemo she will have surgery. As scary and stressful as this is I am just thankful we found out about it and she is able to get the treatment she needs. My mom is doing well with chemo the cancer and tumor are shrinking the way the doctors want. She has her good and bad days which is to be expected with everything going on. We are almost at the end, even though I know our lives will be forever changed after this experience. Notice I said we and our because her fight is my fight. Since finding out about her cancer. I have not left her side I am at every doctors appointment and chemo treatment. I exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally but it does not compare to what she is going through. As long as she is fighting I will be fighting, her fight is my fight.



 How has this affected my budget and finances.

Since my mom was diagnosed with cancer she has not be able to work. Which means I have been taking care off all of her bills and mines. Let me tell you this has been extremely stressful. We have received several donations which I am truly thankful.  It should me that people actually care not only about me but my mom.

Things have been tough and challenge because I am having to readjust my budget to figure out how to pay mine and her bills with the irregular income I have. These past few months have definitely tested my faith but through it all I have remained faith to God and he has not let me down. Every month I have my struggles and doubt. Since this situation I have had to put a hold on my baby step #1. However starting this month I am working to start back with saving. This just means I have to work a little harder and challenge myself.

I just wanted to share a small snippet of what has been going on in my life. Life has definitely been taking my a crazy roller-coaster ride. I have my highs and lows but I know in the end i will be a stronger person.



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