Hi friends,  I apologize for sharing my budget so late, It just been a little bit crazy and on top of it all I am sick UGH. In my August post I stated that I will show you my budget for this month. I will be sharing my bills but not my actually income amount. I am not ready to share that with the world yet. My pay day was on Friday so some of these bills have already been paid.

So let jump right into my budget. If your read about what’s been going on with me, then you know currently I have extra bills that I am paying.

This is a rough cut of my budget, I wanted to give you a picture of what my budget looks like I will be providing a more in-depth look at my budget later.

August Budget:  Income: $2000 Extra Income: $490 

Bills:                                                                                Savings

Rent $645                                                                      Emergency Fund: $100

Car Ins (mine) $190.00                                             Gas $200 (mine)

Car Ins (mom) $135                                                    Gas $50 (mom)

Car Note $375 (mine)                                                  Total $ 2362.99

Car Note $200 (mom)                                                 Negative $362.99

Capital One $25.00

Cellphone $113 (mine)

Cellphone $98 (mom)

Cable $150

Hulu $7.99

Utilities $200

Cable $150

I did not put a section for food because food does not come out of my budget. It is provided by assistance that my mom receive.

As you can see with our combined bills the total is out of control and my income is not. I know you might be thinking how have you been surviving these past few months. Well we have been blessed with donations since my mom has gotten sick.

August is the first month where my entire income is needed for the bills. This situation will not be permanent it will change in a few months for the better. So right no I am doing what is necessary to make it happen. Cuts to my budget have been made which will reflect in my September budget.

As you can see we are in the red based on my income. I do work extra gigs to bring in money. For this month I calculate about $490 which will cover the negative amount and leave a small amount for the month. This is not an ideal situation but it is reality right now. Sacrifices are being made right now to have a bigger outcome.

I hope this small glimpse into my budget gives you an understand of my financial situation. Please leave any income or suggest below.


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