Hi friends, as we come to the end of Breast Cancer Awareness month. I wanted to share the journey of when we found out my mom has cancer and how my life as well as my family life has change.

How this journey all started

Well a few months before my mom was diagnosed. She was diagnosed with R.A. So around that time my mom noticed a bump on her chest. As time went on the bump stared to get bigger. As her daughter I got concerned but my mom kept putting it off. No mater how much I insisted she gets it checked. Something deep down inside of me knew something wasn’t right.  i never said anything about it to her because I didn’t want to add stress or worry. So I just continued to just pray.

Fast forward to April. My mom finally goes to the doctor only because my brother ratted her out to our grandmother (her mom). So on April 14th she went to the emergency room. The doctor’s think its just an abscess and they would do surgery to remove it. But upon further testing they found some malignant cells which caused them to do a biopsy

The day we found out 

I remember like it was yesterday. I was a nervous wreck all day waiting on the test results.I remember getting off work and calling my mom she still had not gotten the results. So we just assumed she would find out the next day. I was headed home an my phone rung it was my grandmother calling to tell me I need to head to the hospital because my mom was flipping out. She had just found out she has cancer.

My heart stop. As I was driving I couldn’t breath.  I struggled to catch my breath and I called my friend who meet me at the hospital to calm me down. Once I was calm I went upstairs to be with my mom. I immediately started crying again. Once we all calmed down and I was able to think clearly. I went into combat mode. I wanted to know everything that needed to take place in order to get my mom healthy and cured of this disease.

How we have been handling it all

Ever since the day we found out, life has not been the same. This is a tough journey.  I never thought in a million years my mom would have cancer. She doesn’t even carry the gene. So it was a total surprise, which I’m sure it is for everybody that finds out. This journey is one that I would not wish on anyone. To see the person I love so much in so much pain and weak. Knowing there is nothing I can do about it. I wish that I could take her hurt and pain away, but since I can’t I do something I can do. I pray. I pray for my mom daily all day. I know that there is only one person who can bring her through this and that is Almighty God. He has the finally say in all of our lives.

Dealing with this has been hard. It has affected all of us. Its a struggle daily but we manage to get through them by depending on one another. There are days when I don’t have the energy to do anything but I know that I have to keep pushing in order to be strong for her. I stop and think if she is able to get through each day with all the side affects of chemo then I can make it through. Even at her weakest she still has so much strength.

Letter to my mom 

Dear mom, I just wanted to let you know I love you so much. I hate that you are on this journey but I am glad that I have the opportunity to be by your side. I am so proud of you for always being strong even when you are weak. I know there are days when you don’t feel good but you continue to push through. I wish that I could take all your pain and discomfort, but I know deep down inside that you are strong enough to handle it. Since I can not take any of this way for you I will do the next best thing which is pray . I know God will bring you through this.  I just want you to know that I will always be by your side. Your determination inspires me to be better person. Through this journey your faith has not wavered which has only allowed me to grow my faith more. Everyday you are a survivor. Cancer can’t and will not beat us. I say us because your fight is my fight. I will never leave your side I will ride with you until the end. I love you mom and always be here for you. This was an unexpected journey but its definitely something that we can handle. You are a FIGHTER and SURVIVOR.

What I want people to know

I created this blog to give people an insight in my life. Cancer is serious and should never be take lightly. I encourage everyone to go and get checked its never to early. Before you say I never get sick cancer does not recognize age, or race. My mom is somebody that does not get sick, cancer does not run in our family but yet she still has it. So don’t be so quick to down play your health. Now that my mom has cancer it pushes me to be more conscious about my health and body. So please be aware about your health and body and if you see anything out of the ordinary get it checked out.



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  • Tammy is a fighter, and she’ll beat this battle! It’s very important for everyone to take any health related concerns seriously, because we never know what can happen. But by God stripes, we will be healed. I claim this for Tammy.

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