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Welcome back to day 2 of the 21 day coupon challenge. There are many places where you can find coupons one of the first things you need to do is determine where your local coupons can be found. Depending on where you live it will be different.

Five main places to find coupons 

Local newspaper- Every Sunday your local newspaper will hold coupon inserts. Inside the newspaper will be inserts from Proctor Gable, Smart Source and Red Plum. Proctor Gamble will only be in one Sunday paper which is the first Sunday or last Sunday of the month. The rest of the month will contain Smart Source and Red Plum.

Store Coupon coupon walls/bulletin board- some stores have a designated space that will hold store coupons. Walgreen’s have their own coupons which is in their store booklet. Which is found next to the sales paper. If you are unsure if your store has their own coupons  just ask customer service. CVS has the red machine and you can access those coupons with your CVS card.

Store Flyers- most stores have a store flyer, which are typically located in the front of the store. The store flyer will contain coupons but also show you what items are on sale.


Coupon Website- There are several sites that you can use to print coupons. The main coupon websites. The main site I use is www.coupons.com. Here is a list of other sites.

  • www.smartsource.com
  • www.passionforsavings.com
  • www.krazycouponlady.com
  • www.retailmenot.com(great for clothes shopping)
  • www.couponmom.com
  • www.groupon.com

These are just a few sites. There are more just use our friend google. You can also go the actual company site and get coupons or even ask the company to send you coupons.

Coupon Apps– What coupons apps you use is totally up to you. The top ones I use will be what I list today. My number one go to App is Ibotta.

  • I love Ibotta because they offer so many items to get cash back on. They also offer bonuses which allows the opportunity to make more cash back. If use my referral code and upload your first receipt you will get $10 free and I will get $5.00 (Referral code- urhkihl)

Checkout 51 is the next app that I use, because the of the simplicity and the ability to save at any store.I provided a link for you to use in order to sign up.Checkout 51 offers.

Other apps I use are: Saving star, receipt hog, mobi save, berry cart.  All apps listed are free to sign up so make sure you take advantage of the cash back opportunity.

I also use the store I shop at apps. SUch as Walgreen’s CVS, Kroger’s, Family Dollar and Dollar General. Whatever stores are in your area check and see if they have an app.

Homework Time:

Head over to the sites I listed and get familiar with them. Also download at least apps to your phone. I recommend Ibotta and  use (referral code urhkihl) and Checkout 51 offers.

Once you have completed comment done below.



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