Hi and Welcome to Day 5 of the Challenge. Today’s topic will be short. I will be discussing setting up an email for just couponing.

Why you should have email for couponing:

Creating a separate email account for couponing. Allows you to have access to coupons, store promotions all in one place. Instead of having all of this information sent to your personal email address which can get overwhelming .

When signing up for store cards and printing certain coupons you will need to have an email address. Stores are always sending offers and coupons through email. You don’t want to miss out on a good deal because of not having an email set up.

For those who like shopping at Micheal’s they don’t send out coupons in the mail. Some times their are coupons in their sales ad. Micheal’s however send weekly coupons through email. Which is awesome because I always know what sales are going on and what coupons I can use.

I personally have a separate email account for my personal life and couponing, this helps eliminate having one email fill with coupons, store promotions and all of my personal stuff. It cuts down on the headache.

My advice is set up your own couponing email account.

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