For those who know me know that I coupon. It helps me save as weell as make money. While on this couponing journey I decided I wanted to share with others how to save on everyday items. So one day I decided I would create a how to guide.

I created my book Your guide to gettting more while Spending less. grab your copy by clicking the buy now button at the bottom right page. I took all my tips and tools and put them into a book. Once I had everything typed in microsoft word I use the awesome site Blurb. Blurb is an online book-making tool.

Using Blurb was simple and easy, because I typed my information in Microsft Word I was able to upload my information and they took care of the rest.

What I love about Blurb is all the optionns that are available. Blurb allos you to create, Make a baby photo book with Blurb,, magazine,and ebook.  all for a resonable price.

For those who are considering writing a book or wanting to create a magazine or even a special gift. I highly recommend using Blurb.  Not only can you create your book you can sell your book through the website. The webiste is user friendly and allows you to create quality products. Turn your ideas into professional quality books,magazines or ebooks.

I am in the process of working on another book an I will be using Blurb again.

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