This is a little late but my week has been crazy. I was able to get so


me time and tun to do a little shopping at CVS. If you are new to shopping at CVS make sure to read Shopping at CVS .

There are a lot of good deals happening at CVS this week, but I wanted to provide items you get get or $10 or less. I will share deals that I do in another blog post.

So lets not waste any more time and jump right into these deals.



This transaction will cost you $9.85 out of pocket and you will receive $6.00 ECB’s. Unsure what ECBS are then read coupon lingo to find out the different coupon language

Buy (1) Softsoap hand soap $1.98- get $1.00 ecb

Buy (1) Crest Mouthwash $3.99- get $2.00 ecb

Buy (1) Colgate toothbrush $3.99-get $2.00 ecb

Buy (1) Purse Silk/Edge Shaving Cream $1.99- get $1.00 ecb

Total $11.85


(1) Crest Mouthwash $1.00  October P&G or CVS App.

(1) Colgate Toothbrush $1.00 10/1 SS

Total $2.00

So your new total is $9.85 out of pocket. if you have any ecb’s please use to lower your out of pocket. If you do not have any coupons then you would pay $11.85 out of pocket and get back $6.00 in ecb’s  So you now have $6.00 to save until next weeks deals or you can roll into another transaction.

So this transaction you were able to pick up shaving cream, mouthwash toothbrush and hand soap. You might be thinking this is not a lot but if you are just starting out you have to start some where. Throughout this journey I will be providing more deals to help build your stockpile.

I hope this helps. Happy Couponing


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