Today is the first day of Financial Friday and I am so happy to be sharing with you guys any advice that I have. Today I will be discussing how to create a budget for those who struggle with creating a budget I will be giving steps to help you.  So lets not waste any more time in jump into our budget.

Steps for creating a budget

Step 1: Make a rough sketch of your budget

Brainstorming with pen and paper will help you have a clearn vision. You can just use basic paper or find/make a budget template. If you choose to use an app, you can plug the numbers in later.

Step 2 Write down next month income

If your income varies (commission, self-employed, hourly etc.), guess based on the lost income you have receive. My income varies so my budget is always a rough estimate an when I get paid I just adjust as needed. ( I will discuss in a other post how to budget irregular income).

Step 3 Create a list:

Make a list of all of the things that you spen money on monthly. Make sure to put them in order of importance (food, shelter, utilites etc). Include how much you think you spend monthly on these items.

The three steps listed above will help you get started, the rest is up to you. You ave to tell your money what to do and where to go. You also have to be committeed to making the change.

Your budget is a contract not a suggestion. You have already spent every single dollar your going to get next month. So when your paychecks hit your bank there is no wondering, What should I do? You already decided.

Remember you already told your money what to do. Now just make it do what you said you would. Your homework for today is to make your first budget. Like I said earlier most people say it takes a few months to get your budgeting down to the system you like. If you are married make sure that you and your spouse both agree to the change that is about to happen

Throughout this budget process I will be sharing parts of my budget and also my journey to debt freedom.

XOXO – Dee!

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