Hello September!!!

It’s a new month so you know that means new goals. For September I want to do a few things differently when it pertains to m goals. SO I will be creating weekly goals and will only have one major goal for the month. So lets jump right into my goals.

September Goals

Since I will be creating weekly goals, I will share what they are but will break them down weekly. I will share on my Instagram _deescupoftea my weekly goals.

Weekly Goals:

  • no spend days (at least 3 days weekly)
  • track daily spending
  • no unnecessary spending
  • no eating out
  • create 2nd income
  • utilize every food item in my pantry/freezer before grocery shopping
  • workout more
  • make cuts where I possible can in my budget

My main monthly goal for September will be to save an extra $200 to put in my emergency fund.

As you can see I decided to just get straight to the point. This month I will be challenging myself financially to make sure I stay on track with my goals and budget.

What are your goals? Leave them below



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