It’s time for week one budget review I will be discussing my budget and bills but will not share income just yet. Friday was payday for me. Let me be honest my income was less then I would have liked. I get paid based on seeing my clients so with the holiday’s  a lot of clients were out of town, which means smaller income, but I am not going to stress.

How I create my budget:

I am such a pen and paper girl so I use the Happy Planner Budge extension pack to write out my budget.  also use Dave Ramsey everyday dollar app. I like the app because things are broken up into categories and it allows you to see how much you are spending in each category.

My budget is set up on a biweekly basis since I get paid biweekly it works best for me. I divide my bills up by pay periods. Budgeting has to be done based off what works for you and your house hold. A biweekly works better then a monthly budget.


Bills, savings and sinking funds

Since my income was smaller I had to o some rearranging with bills (which I do not like doing but some rearranging with bills (which I do not like doing but some times mandatory)

Bills paid this check

  • Car insurance $195.95
  • Capital one $25.00
  • Mama $200 ( I currently help my mom with bills since she is unable to work)
  • Gym $11.05
  • Car note $375.75


  • Emergency Fund $$$

Sinking Funds

  • Car repair/maintenance $10
  • Moving $10

Cash Envelops

  • Gas $80-might need to add more
  • Grocery $50
  • Coupon $25
  • Misc $50

I did have to miss paying  bill and move until next payday. No I will not get any late fee’s. i know some might be thinking why not take money from sinking funds or eliminate coupon and misc envelop, but I need these categories but I drive a lot for work which requires maintenance. I am looking to move so I want to put a side small amount for incidentals. Coupon is my business so the items I get I always make that money back double. Miscellaneous if for unexpected items for work or needing to get things for my mom. I am helping my mom until she can return back to work (for those who don’t know my mom is a cancer survivor and is currently recovering from surgery and taking radiation) so I am just adjusting and doing what can be done until I can get back to just focusing on my own bills. So until then my crazy method will be what works.

No spend update:

For those who don’t know I am doing a No Spend January.  I have done okay so far this week. I had two three complete day’s of no spending. The other day’s included items that were budgeted for.

Mon $0
Wed$20 (gas-budgeted)
Friday$62.04- (gas, food personal items all budgeted for)
Saturday$44.97 (business items all budget for).

The goal for the upcoming week is at least 5 No Spend Days. i know I will ave to buy gas so that will count as one of my spending days.

How are you doing with your budget and No Spend Challenge?



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