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It is day 3 of the challenge and today we will be discussing , How to organize your coupons. There are several options when it comes to organizing your coupons. The most two common ways are the binder method and expandable file organizer.

I will be discussing both in detail but will also give you other options. So lets jump right into it.

How to organize your coupons:

Binder method- involves clipping every coupon an separating them into categories. When I first decided to coupon I used the binder method, but with my busy schedule I found that it was taking to much of my time. I got tired of carrying around a bulky binder.

How to set up your binder

  • You need to get s three ring binder. Those most popular one is a zip around one so that your items want fall out. Like this . Amazon has several binders to choose from.
  • You will also need baseball card holders. They are great for holding the coupons and having easy access. You can also purchase these by clicking 
  • Inside of your binder make sure to have scissors, highlighter, pen and calculator
  • Lastly have dividers to separate your coupons by category

Category ideas- cleaning products, hair products, frozen items, laundry/dishes feminine items etc.

Second most common is a small coupon organizer

Expandable file- can be used as a DIY coupon organizer. The expandable file is the perfect size to fit inside your purse or whatever you carry to grocery store. I have used this method before which I did enjoy. It was easy and convenient.

How to set it up:

You can purchase an expandable file from any store.I got mine from amazon

Most expandable files come with at lease 6 or 7 sections. Which allows you to have room to separate your coupons by category. You can use the tabs they provide to labled or if you are crafty you can make your own instead.

Once you have labeled, your coupons are separated and placed. You are then ready to head out to the store. With using the expandable file you can place just the coupons you plan on using instead of carrying around all of your coupons.

This way is simple and easy to me.

Other coupon organizing options

The items I will be listing below can be found on amazon by clicking you will have access to purchase.

Whatever way you choose to organize your coupons is totally up to you . Just make sure its one that is comfortable for you and one that will not have you feeling overwhelmed.

I hope that this helps. Leave all questions and comments



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