Welcome to the 21 day coupon challenge. Like I stated in an earlier post. i would be sharing deals with you at different stores, So that is what I will be doing today.

I am going to share a $10 deal at CVS. ┬áThese will be items you can purchase for a total of $10.00 and also receive ECB’s which is extra care bucks that can be used in CVS on your next purchase. Before i get started I want to tell you what you will need.

If you already have a CVS care great. If not don’t worry. You can sign up online at www.cvs.com of head into your local store and sign up. Don’t worry its free to sign up. You will also need to download the CVS app .

If you are wondering why you need the app and cards. The card allows you to get the discount and access to store coupons which are printed from the red machine in the store. The app allows you to ad manufacture coupons to your card.

Alright lets hop into these deals

This is a picture of what I purchased. What I will tell you to purchase will be a slightly different because my store was out of the mouthwash. So I decided to get the Maybeline deal instead. which caused me to spend a little more out of pocket. I will explain at the end.


(1) Softsoap liquid hand soap $1.99

(1) Crest Scope $4.00 (price might vary) get $3.00 ECB

(1) Tide Simply $2.94

(1) Downy $2.94

Total $12.86


Every coupon you will use will be digital except for your store coupon

(1) Softsoap $.50 (found on www.softsoap.com)

(1) Softsoap $1.00 store coupon

(1) Crest Scope $1.00 digital coupon

(1) Tide Simply $1.00 digital coupon

(1) Downy $1.00 digital coupon

Total $4.50

Now for your out of pocket. Your total $12.86-$4.50= $8.36. You will pay $8.36 out of pocket and get back $3 ECB. Which can be used on next weeks deals.

Since my store was out of Scope. I decided to get the Maybeline. The deals is buy 2 get a $5.00 ecb. You will also receive a $3.00 off Maybeline store coupon. The eye shadows I picked up was $3.99 each.

So before coupons my total should have been $15.85  but instead it was $16.35. My softsoap did not ring up the right price, but I did not realize until I made it home. My total after coupons was $10.35. I also forgot to print the softsoap coupon making me pay $.50 more I received $5ecb back from the eye shadow.

You do not have to do the transaction I did. You can stick the original one. I just wanted to show a second option just in case your store it out of scope. Also remember if your store is out of a particular items make sure you ask for a rain check.

I hope this help. I want you to go out and do these deals and come back and let me know how you did.

Leave any comments or questions


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