Hello friend, when thinking about saving and cutting cots sometimes we go blank. We look at out monthly bills and think there is no way for me to cut cost or lower a bill. Well my friends you thought wrong.

You have to change the way you are spending in order for you family to save money and live a healthier life. When first starting out you have to start by cutting your biggest bill which for most it’s their grocery bill. I will share some simple tips to help get you started saving money and cutting your grocery bills in half.

How many times has dinner time rolled around and you go to search the cupboards and refrigerator you have no idea what to cook.

Odds are the kids are whining because they are hungry or your husband is on the way home.Maybe you don’t have any kids or husband and your just extremely tire. So you either grab an unhealthy TV dinner or run out and get fast food, which is also unhealthy and cost money.

Life cab get busy some ties and maybe you do meal plan but its hard to get meals planned each week. Sometimes you forget to put your meal plan together or you just don’t have the time to meal plan each week. I totally understand.

So many times I have planned out my meals a, but wouldn’t follow through and I would just gab fast food which gets really expensive Until I told myself I have to stop making excuses and start making changes. In order to see a change you must first create one. Ever since I started meal planning. I have lowered my grocery bill and I eat out way less.

Whether you plan for the week or month, you have to put in the work to stick to it.

Meal Planning

Step one

Grab a free copy of my Meal Planning Sheets This will be where you are going to plan you dinners

Step Two

Make a list of your favorite meals to cook, create them on the back of your menu sheet. These are meals that you enjoy cooking and your family enjoys as well.

Step Three

Make sure to include on your list popular meals in your house (i.e pizza my favorite food, so I make sure at least twice a month I have pizza) I enjoy making it from scratch instead of ordering or getting a frozen one from the store.

Step Four

Decided what days you plan on cooking your favorite meals and make sure to add those items you will need to your grocery list.

Step Five

Search your pantry and freezer. See what ites you already have. Try and create meals based on what you already have. Add items to the grocery list that you will need.

Step Six

Add your meals to your sheet. Make sure to have a variety of meals So that it doesn’t feel redundant with the meals you are cooking.

How to add variety to your meals/meal planning

I search Pinterest daily to get new ideas. Once I find something that I would like to try, I either print the recipe or I save it to my Pinterest board. I also add the ingredient I will need to my grocery list.

Check out recipe books from your local library

Swap recipes with friends

Also if you have kids have them pick a meal they would like on the menu for a specific day.

Make sure that whatever items you need for your meals are in your pantry. This allows you to stay on track. I have a bust work schedule so on Sundays I meal prep. I cook a meal on Sundays that will allow me to have left overs for lunch and dinner. I also prepare food to last until the middle of the week. This has helped a lot with staying on track, saving time and money.

Now it your turn.

What are some of your favorite meals to cook? How do you plan your meals?

I hope this help!

Don’t forget your FREE copy of my Meal Planning Sheets !!!



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3 Thoughts on “Six Steps to Meal planning”

  • I definitely agree that the grocery bill is usually the largest bill that most people don’t consider trying to reduce. Once I started being intentional to monitor what my husband and I were spending on groceries we discovered that it wasn’t even groceries. It was the beverages! My husband likes Gatorade and Juice. This let us know that in order to reduce our grocery budget, we needed to drink more water. That’s actually a win-win. Our budget will thank us and so will our bodies. Great tips!

  • I’m mostly a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants girl…or at least I feel that way. My family is pretty picky too and they like junky stuff. I’ve been getting a whole lot more into eating healthy so I often eat something different from them.

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