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Hi, friends welcome back. Throughout my blog I have discussed budgeting, saving and meal planning, but what I have not done is share what has been my help and guidance throughout this journey. yes there has been many downs than up but I still continue to read and research different material to find out what will work for my financial situation.

My top five resources:

#1 When making the decision to change your financial situation it can be hard. For me it was and still hard. Like will throw every obstacle your way. Trust me I know. Right now I am following the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. You can grab your copy by clicking the link Dave created Six Baby Steps to help guide you on your financial journey. What I love about Dave Ramsey he does not sugar code anything. He also shares his life experience with struggling with money. Right now I am on Baby Step #1 Which is to build a $1,000 emergency fund. I set a plan to save $1000 in 90 days lets just say that has been a bust. I keep letting like knock me down and get me off track, but not any more.

There are times when I am ready to just throw in the towel, But I continue to push through and move forward. When I need a little motivation I bring out the Total Money Makeover and reread it. I highly recommend clicking the link and ordering your copy today.

#2 Another resource I use is the book Living Well Spending less by Ruth Soukup. This book inspired me because Ruth shares her ups and downs. As well as her struggle with shopping and her need to always want the latest things. She gives insight on how she turn her obsession into a business. She also share grocery shopping and couponing tips. Grab your copy right here . I am sure so many can relate to her. Living well Spending less share 12 secrets of the good life. I remember reading this book and not being being able to put it down.

#3 Rich Dad Poor Dad was another book  read and will reread soon. Rich Dad Poor Dad teachers lie lessons and the value of working hard for your money and being smart with your money.  Don’t hesitate grab your copy now

#4 Now if you are not a big reading and is looking to get straight to the point a good website to checkout is She gives tips and share other people stories and the best financial planner. i lost mine when my house flooded, but I will be purchasing another one.

#5 Sadiah Washington owner of Sadiah gives tips and tics. She shares hot to enjoy life without breaking the bank. Her DIY party ideals and recipes are the best. I visit her sight frequently for inspiration and ideas.

these are just my top 5 there are many resources available. First thing first is when you decide to start this financial journey make sure you are dedicated and ready for the ride. Research and figure out what is best for you.

Here is a list of other resources 

This is a list of books that I recommend I also provided links to where they you can purchase them.

Financial Peace. Here is a link to read more and purchase

Your Guide to Getting more while Spending less- Here is the link to read more and purchase

Smart Kids Smart Money: Raising the next generation to Win with Money- Here is the link to read more and purchase 

The road to financial freedom is a tough one but with determination and the will not to be slave to debt any more. You will make it . I can not wait for the day when I can say I am DEBT FREE!!!

I hope this helps. Please Leave an Comments or Questions below.


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  • Rich dad poor dad has been a classic for a while. When I was a kid my mom really wanted me to get into
    It and I didn’t take it seriously. I’m mad at myself now for it. Great post!

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