Yesterday we discussed 8 best stores to coupon at . Well today I want to talk about shopping at certain stores. Over the next 3 days during this coupon challenge. I will be discussing shopping at the top 3 stores I shop at weekly which are CVS, Walgreen, and Kroger’s

I will be sharing how to start shopping at these store, tips and what to look for.

Shopping at CVS 

Coupons save you a lot of money on products using them correctly will make things go smoothly.

  • The first thing you will want to do is sign up for CVS account. You can join online or on the CVS app. This allow you to maximize your savings by being able to upload digital coupons to your store card.
  • As an added bonus you will get $5 in Extra Care Bucks just for signing up.
  • Sign up for extra card, make sure to link you account and your CVS card in your account profile.

What are Extra Care Bucks 

  • CVS has a reward program called Extra Care Bucks (ECB). There are new ways to earn them weekly and monthly. With each sale there will be signs telling you when an item qualifies for ECB. ECB’s print at the bottom of your receipt and can be spent on your next purchase as cash
  • ECB’s can not be use for gift cards or alcohol
  • ECB’s can not be refunded so make sure to keep up with you ECB
  • ECB’s expire and the date will be printed on the


Extra Care Bucks

CVS Coupon Rules 

  • Must have coupons during checkout in order to receive discounts
  • Coupons must not be expired
  • Coupons must be legible
  • Must be able to scan barcode
  • coupons may not be duplicated
  • CVS does hold the right to reuse any coupon.
  • If a coupon value is higher than the product price the value of a coupon will be reduced to equal the price of product.

Can I use more than one coupon per item?

Yes. this is called stacking. However you can only use CVS store coupons and a Manufacture coupon (MFR) in order to stack coupons you can not stack MFR.

Extra Care Center 

This is the big red machine found inside the store some times referred  to as the Red Coupon Machine.

  • Each week you can scan your extra care card at the red machine and receive store coupons. Those coupons can be combined with manufacturer coupons
  • Make sure to scan you card with repeatedly until the machine says “Hey Super Scanner You printed all your coupons”
  • Store coupons are given randomly it depends on your shopping habits some coupons are given to everyone .
  • CVS resets the coupons every Sunday morning.
Store coupons

Digital Coupons

  • You are now able to send MFR coupons to your Extra Care Card through the CVS app
  • You can also send your store coupons to your cards as well
  • When you checkout your coupons will pop up on the register and your cashier will be prompted to apply to your transaction

You are now ready to shop at CVS. Make sure to head back here tomorrow where I will be discussing shopping at Walgreen’s


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