Hi friends, It is tie for a new month. I can not believe we are already in August.As I enter August I realize that I have not kept my word and I have been failing myself. When I started this blog I stated that I would share my tips, ideas. As well as my budgeting journey and debt free journey,but I have failed in that area. Not keeping my friends(readers) in the loop of my progress.

Yes I give updates monthly and I share my goals but I never share my in-depth progress of good and bad struggles. So I will be sharing weekly updates. I want to show my highs and lows as well as how I overcome. I stared this blog as a form to motivate and inspire others I think its time I hold up my end of the deal.

On top of sharing my budgeting and debt-free journey, I will continue to post couponing deals and how to enjoy life while living on a budget. To be completely honest I have failed at my budget and to sticking to my goals over the past seven months. Life has changed so much over the past few months. I will share that story in another post.

Now lets jump into how July went budget wise. So far the month of July I did not stick to my budget or complete any goals. Beside life happening I got discouraged and overwhelmed. Hours at work were less, which means income was less than normal. I had to make some major adjustments but still feel short. It was discouraging but I am dusting myself off and moving forward.

For August I will definitely review my income and budget closely. August will be a month of creating a plan on how to handle life unexpected surprises and continue to stay on budget.


  1. Stick to budget(review it daily to stay on track)
  2. Create a second income
  3. Track spending daily

I really want to focuson creating a budget that i can tick to no atter what unexpected incidents occur. For July I did a horrible job with keeping track of my spending. So I am on a mission to know where every dollr I spend is going. With all the major changes that has happened a second income is needed to stay afloat.

I will not be defeated this month. I will have the victory.

What are your financial goals? What areas do you struggle with?


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